September 18, 2020

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The consulting class goes ‘apes—’: The Lincoln Project, explained

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If you’ve been anywhere near cable news or social media in the last few months, you have probably seen an ad by The Lincoln Project. The group, comprised primarily of Republicans who are very vocal in their opposition to President Donald Trump, has raised and spent gobs of money criticizing not just the president but his Republican allies in Congress for enabling what they say is his abuse of power of the office.

Joining us on this episode of Political Theater is Kurt Bardella, a senior adviser to The Lincoln Project and onetime Republican who previously worked for former Reps. Darrell Issa and Brian P. Bilbray and former Sen. Olympia J. Snowe.

He’s also joined the ranks of the industry the president loves to hate — the media! — as a contributor to USA Today and MSNBC and as the founder of the country music newsletter Morning Hangover.

We talk about some of the pushback the project is getting from fellow Republicans, the thinking that goes into their hard-hitting ads’ rhetoric, why they are going after Republicans like Sens. Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins, not just Trump, and some lessons of the past for the GOP, which Bardella detailed in a Los Angeles Times op-ed.

Show Notes:

  • To my Republican friends in Washington
  • What to watch in Alaska, Florida and Wyoming primaries Tuesday
  • Ex-Staffer’s Country Music Tip Sheet Hasn’t Left D.C.
  • From ‘This Town’ to Music City
  • Lindsey Graham: Gang of One
  • Rating changes: Democratic control of Senate more likely because of Trump
  • Sen. Susan Collins supports Trump, head of Maine GOP says
  • Kavanaugh-fueled bounty awaits challenger to Sen. Susan Collins
  • Republican women could add to House ranks, but Senate outlook uncertain
  • Radel Press Crew Jumps Into Kurt Bardella’s Waiting Arms
  • Trump overshadows Brazilian president’s visit by attacking Kellyanne Conway’s husband
  • CQ Roll Call’s Election Guide 2020
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