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The 3 keys to finishing a marathon

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The 2023 New York City Marathon is Sunday November 5, and if you’re signed up this year, you’re probably pumped to ready, set, go! But before you take off running, consider these tips for making it to the finish line.

Kristina Centenari, an NYC-based strength coach at Tonal and a running coach at Nike who has experience as a marathon runner, spoke with CNBC Make It about how runners can best prepare for a marathon.

Centenari’s advice boils down to three keys for a great marathon experience: prep, gear and mindset. Here’s how you can set yourself up for success for any marathon.

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The 3 keys to finishing a marathon

Ready: Prep

If you’re running a marathon soon, then chances are you’re not a new runner. Centenari recommends that beginners train for six to eight months before a marathon to prepare their bodies for running a long distance.

Still, even seasoned runners should come up with a plan before a marathon that they stick to prior to the big day, Centenari suggests. “It leads to concrete progress, but it also gives you a sense of accountability when you’re getting out there,” she says.

Everyone’s plan will look different, but your plan should always include both strength training and mobility, which she calls “off-road training,” in addition to running.

It’s a really important part of the process, in my opinion, to be able to have people involved who are cheering you on and are in your corner.

Kristina Centenari

Running Coach at Nike and Strength Coach at Tonal

Centenari also emphasizes the importance of “taking your rest as seriously as you are taking your running and your off-road training.” You can’t disregard rest, she notes, “if you’re running three days a week and you’re resting [for] three, or whatever your split is, make sure that you’re resting on those days.”

And as you’re gearing up for the big day, Centenari encourages you to find a community….

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