July 12, 2024

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‘Sometimes, the facts don’t matter’: Attacks on DEI are an anti-capitalist war on American prosperity

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Few three-letter words have polarized our country more than DEI—formerly known as diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI has engaged America in a ruinous rhetorical civil war, and it is tearing our nation apart. Fiercely devoted warriors on both sides of the debate passionately assert their case, willing to sacrifice time and effort to preserve or suppress DEI’s cause, which in many minds is to encourage representation of Black Americans.

Since the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, several phrases associated with helping Black people have come under heavy fire, such as: “Woke” and “Black Lives Matter.” “DEI” is no different, even though statistics in many areas show that non-Black people have benefitted more from DEI programs than Black people. Sometimes, the facts don’t matter. Research shows that America would be much better off economically if race-based barriers against Black people were abolished. Sometimes, even money doesn’t matter.

But words matter. Words trigger emotional meaning based on their associations. Consider the individual who hates “Obamacare” but loves the Affordable Care Act or admonishes the government to keep its hands off their money but embraces their monthly Social Security check.

It has been said that if you want people to listen, you must speak their language. The language of American business leadership and national prosperity is capitalism. DEI is a capitalist tool to increase income and wealth through fairness. Increased fairness results in increased employee engagement. Increased employee engagement leads to greater innovation, productivity, and profitability.  

Sadly, for America, DEI attackers have fallen prey to the paradoxically seductive and anxiety-provoking power of oppression psychology—tactics designed to protect superiority by erecting and maintaining race-based barriers to opportunity under the flawed assumption of a zero-sum world. Dehumanization is one of the…

Roy Swan

2024-06-19 12:20:24

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