September 18, 2020

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COVID got the world addicted to (computer) tablets — we made some pie charts about it

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While most industries suffered during the pandemic, things went well for one technological sector: tablet computers.

According to a recent report from analyst firm IDC, the global tablet market recorded 18.6% year-over-year growth in Q2 of 2020. In actual numbers, this meant there were 38.6 million tablets shipped across the world during that three month period.

What’s impressive about this is the tablet market saw a decline over the two quarters prior to this, suggesting that, for once, coronavirus actually helped an industry.

Who did well?

Five companies dominated the tablet market, with Apple coming out at the top spot with a rather tasty 32.3% market share and 12.4 million shipments. The 10.2-inch iPad appeared to be the business’ best selling model, while the Air and Pro models have also shown a strong performance.

Despite gaining the tablet market top spot, Apple actually showed the least amount of growth across the top 5 companies. The other 4 organizations on the list — Samsung, Huawei, Amazon, and Lenovo respectively — all recorded year-over-year growth of at least 42%, while Apple clocked in with a rather paltry 1.3%.

Samsung managed to hold onto its number two spot in the tablet market. Its year-over-year shipment growth came in at 42.5% with 7 million units dealt with in Q2 2020.

In third place, Huawei recorded 43.5% growth and shipped 4.8 million units.

Amazon’s latest release, the 8-inch Fire HD, helped the company hit fourth place, as it recorded 52% growth and shipped 3.6 million in Q2 2020.

Finally, Lenovo got the number five spot, recording a 51% year-over-year shipment growth, something it achieved with the success of its lower-end tablets.

But show us the tablet market pie charts!

Well, of course! Here’s the one for Q2 2020 shipments: