September 18, 2020

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7:00 AM | **Hurricane Sally now a category 2 storm…the coolest air of the season is headed our way for the weekend** — Perspecta Weather

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6-Day forecast for the New York City metro region


Some sunshine today again dimmed by an upper-level layer of smoke from the western US wildfires, comfortable, highs not far from 75 degrees


Partly cloudy, cool, lows near 60 degrees


Partly sunny, a bit warmer, chance of late day showers, near 80 degrees for afternoon highs

Thursday Night

Mainly cloudy, cool, chance of showers, upper 50’s for overnight lows


Mainly cloudy, breezy, cooler, chance of showers, upper 60’s


Mainly sunny, quite fall-like, mid-to-upper 60’s


Mainly sunny, still quite fall-like, mid-to-upper 60’s


Mainly sunny, cool, upper 60’s


Hurricane Sally continues to dump copious amounts of rain on the northern Gulf coastal region as it grinds its way northward now as a category 2 storm. Some spots in the region are likely to receive close to two feet of rain by the time it moves well inland. The remnants of Hurricane Sally will push towards the Carolinas over the next couple of days and then off the coast by the early part of the weekend. Meanwhile, a strong cold front approaches the region on Thursday from the northwest. The passage of the cold front on Thursday night will usher in the coolest air of the season so far with afternoon highs likely to be confined to the mid-to-upper 60’s on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One final note, the sun was a brilliant orange/red early this morning in much of the Mid-Atlantic region as a result of an upper-level layer of smoke from all of the wildfires out in the western US.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian
Perspecta, Inc.

Paul Dorian

2020-09-16 07:00:00

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