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To you to new trouble for fitness legend Richard Simmons. He’s been fighting tabloids over stories claimed he has transitioned from male to female but now the court is ordering him to pay up big and gio Benitez is here with the latest. Good morning, gio. Reporter: We’re talking about more than $100,000. He sued them after the tabloids reported that he was transgender. Now Simmons may have to pay all of their legal bills. Once again, two — Reporter: After decades of sweating with the oldies, Richard Simmons has a new challenge, this time in court. A judge ruling Simmons must pay “The national enquirer” and radar online $130,000 for legal fees after Simmons sued them for libel and invasion of privacy. He alleged the publications falsely reported he had, quote, undergone shocking sex surgery to change from a man to a woman. His lawsuit was thrown out six months ago. They have hyped this into a whole other story with all these other details that are simply wrong and false. Reporter: The judge saying that falsely reporting that a person is transgender doesn’t necessarily have a natural tendency to hurt their reputation. The reporting based in part on videos, photographs and an interview with his former assistant, a M Simmons’ lawyer calls an unreliable source who was blackmailing Simmons. Richard has nothing to hide. He simply wanted to be a private individual and we have to respect the right of privacy. Reporter: Overnight American media, the parent company of the”the enquirer” and radar online saying we are pleased with the decision to award our legal fees in response to Mr. Simmons’ lawsuit but most importantly, we appreciate that the judge recognized and the court’s judgment underscores it is not defamatory to say that someone is transgender. Simmons is already appealing the ruling. His attorney telling us, Mr. Simmons expects it will be “The national enquirer” paying him in the end given the massive lies it fabricated. This case is far from over. And Simmons and his attorney insist this is all based on misleading information from that former assistant. The assistant has since told the court that he never said Simmons had that surgery so no doubt this legal battle continues. Wow. Sure will. Thank you. Coming up, desperate search

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